Luxury Faux Cherry Blossom Arrangement. Contemporary, cherry blossom arrangement with willow in a clear cylinder with premium grade orchid bark and preserved moss. Very natural gorgeous white blossom will add a wow factor to any interior. The arrangement is all around meaning it looks well from every angle. This stunning and modern blossom display will be the centre of attention for any interior whether in a wedding venue, hotel, office, restaurant, or private home decor.

Lifelike and eye-catching natural display. This flower arrangement is all around which means that this design looks great from every angle no matter from which direction it is viewed.

All of the AmbienceDecoJM bespoke flower designs are handmade by our skilled florist. We can colour-match our flowers and arrange them to suit your specific needs.

Email us a photo of your interior and we will create something for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

( before buying, always check measurements, please. If you need adjustments just let us know)

Blossom arrangement dimensions
Approx. height 39.37in ~100cm
Approx. width 22.83 in ~58cm
Weight 2.8kg
cylinder vase dimensions
approx. height 40cm
approx. diameter 15cm

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