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Faux strelitzias (birds of paradise), nutans spray orange in a black fishbowl.


online Floral Studio Design in Bromley, Kent

Welcome to AmbienceDecoJM for a beautiful and long lasting flower arrangement. Our Online Floral Studio specialise in preserved rose floral arrangements, boxed infinity roses, luxury faux orchids centerpieces and artificial flower design.
We produce luxury floral displays for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, parties, corporate, luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants and private homes.
If you want to buy a memorable flower gift or an arrangement for the home or office, then you have come to the right place. The unique longevity of the product makes AmbienceDecoJM arrangements ideal for long lasting gifts, innovative interiors, enchanted weddings, home decoration,showrooms, fashion accessories and corporate events.
We wish to create a magical ambience in your environment and want all of our customers to be satisfied.

Bespoke, custom made artificial Christmas decorations

We produce personalised artificial decoration for all seasons, offering lifelike decorations that don’t lose colour, smell or drop. With our luxurious decorations you can be sure they will impress your guests and last the whole season whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or spring.

Christmas holidays are a key period to place decorations around your business or home to embrace the festive spirit and create a positive environment for guests or customers, happy customers are more likely to buy your products. A great seasonal display is likely to generate a social buzz bringing attention and more customers to your business. We have over 15 years of experience in luxury floristry and displays for hotels, restaurants and private homes. Our designs can range from subtle themed displays and arrangements to extraordinary displays that your customers will never forget and will be sure to share online.

We offer a full package deal including the decoration design, production, installation and finally removal of the decorations in your business or home. The full package deal only applies for the central, south London and Kent areas. Although for other areas we can send the decorations (wreaths, garlands, posies and artificial arrangements in vases) by mail worldwide. We can work from photos or visit your location as long it is within the covered area.

Email us for made to order artificial Christmas decorations, we can also provide extra information and photographs about the possible displays that can be produced.